Sunday, May 28, 2006

Slow going so far...

Thanks to all who have expressed an interest in Gotham Is Dogging!

We apparently have no shortage of interest in staging dogging meets in NYC. We're currently scouting locations and trying to work out the parmeters of our first GID! dogging meet.

We have one location in Central Park that is looking like a definite for early morning and/or right around dusk action.

If you're interested in becoming the first pair of dogging partners to put on an exhibition for Gotham Is Dogging! , please reply with necessary information to, and we'll set up a dogging meet for you if you're interested in the semi-secluded location in Central Park.

We'll see you at the dogging meets, soon!


apparently, some folks have also said they've been having trouble accessing the blog site. We're not sure why this is, but we're checking out the details, hope to have an answer for everyone soon.

We've also been wondering, since we have yet to see any comments posted on the blog, if folks have been having similar difficulties posting comments. If that's the case, please let us know, and we'll try to rectify that as well. If you'd like, please try to post a comment on the blog, just to see if you're able to do so, and let us know what your results are.


Dogg Gotham

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dogging Shopping List

Going dogging requires some preparation. Here are some of our picks for the most important things to bring along:

Condoms, condoms, condoms

Obviously, if you're going to play safe, you need condoms. Especially if you're going to let others join in the fun, it's an absolute must to have plenty of condoms at-the-ready. You can't count on people bringing their own. You may want to bring a variety of types and sizes so people can choose the condom most comfortable for them. After all, no telling who will show up, and you need to be ready for anything.

You should also bring some latex surgeon's gloves. If there's going to be any internal, or even external, touching involved, latex gloves will protect both parties. Dental dams (some people substitute plastic wrap) offer protection during oral play.

Baby wipes and Purel-style sanitizing gel are also a good idea to have with you. If you're the pair that's doing the dogging, sterile alchohol is probably a good idea to have with you also, if you are using latex sex toys in your performance (and we will be!).

Lube It Up

Plenty of lube is essential to keep your dogging session going like a well-oiled machine. You probably already know that you should use water-based lubes like Astroglide and KY-Jelly, as oil-based lubes can degrade latex condoms. However, you may not realize that lube is available, not just in tubes, but also in single-use packets. Just hand out a little lube packet when you give out the condom, a perfect pair.

Now I Lay Me Down

It may seem exciting to have sex on the ground, on a picnic table, or on the hood of your car. However, you'll have a quick bit of harsh reality once you realize just how uncomfortable that can be. Rock on the floor, the hard metal of a car, or splinters on a picnic table can ruin a dogging session. So, come prepared. Bring a blanket to lie on, a pillow to rest your head, and anything else you think you might need for comfort. We've heard of some dogging enthusiasts who even bring their own air mattress to the fun. A little thought to physical comfort will go a long way to making it a fun experience.

See What's Going On

You should have at least one flashlight at the ready, along with extra batteries, before the fun begins. In terms of safety and simple efficiency, you need to be able to see what's going on, especially if it's a dark or secluded area.

Clean Up Time

Dogging can be a very messy activity. To keep things clean and sanitary, you should have plenty of baby wipes, paper towels, and tissues close at hand. Encourage your newfound friends to wipe before the fun starts, you can even give them a little Purel-style sanitizing gel to disinfect their hands.

Environmentally Friendly

When your dogging session is done, make sure to leave the location as clean as when you found it. Bring plastic bags, and throw away EVERYTHING, condoms, condom wrappers, baby wipes, etc. Your flashlight will come in handy here too. It's your responsibility to the dogging community to do this; dogging should be fun for those involved and not a burden on others. Either dispose of the plastic bag in a proper receptacle at the dogging location or take it home and throw it out there.

Thank you all for the strong initial interest!

Most of you who are reading this were among the first respondents to today's ads on New York Craigslist, and you all should have received an email directing you to this particular site.

It certainly seems that interest in "dogging" is more than passing here in New York City, which is good. We're certainly blessed with many unique and one-of-a-kind locations in which to stage dogging "meets," and New York also has no shortage of kinksters, freaks, outright hedonists willing to take the dogging craze to a whole different level in Gotham. We're looking to stage the most hardcore, creative, limit-pushing dogging meets that we possibly can in New York. Eventually, we're talking dogging threesomes, bi-women dogging, various combinations of threesome and two-couple, full-swap dogging, and perhaps even a multiple partner dogging, should we be so lucky as to establish our scene without attracting undue attention.

We can't stress enough that Gotham Is Dogging! meets will make every effort to follow SAFE SEX practices as well as follow an agreed-upon code of conduct that will respect our enviornment, citizenry, and neighboring locales. Be prepared to clean up after yourself (and others, if need be) as well as occasionally function as security and an extra set of eyes...not everyone can watch actively all the time, and we'll all have to take a turn securing the perimeter of our dogging meets and keeping an eye peeled for authorities. Please be prepared to contribute to the active growth of a very tight, erotic, and taboo community.

We gratefully received word from a third couple who are enthusiastic exhibitionists and may have already upped our roster of regular dogging partners. We hope to give them and our other couples a chance to strut their stuff very soon.

We also have been contacted by several Brits who have participated in dogging meets over in the U.K., birthplace of the dogging craze. We'll certainly lean on them to share their experiences and suggestions, and we hope they'll become an active part of a new permutation of the dogging experience that will become uniquely New York!

Let those ideas fly, and let's all get out in the spring weather and seriously scout at least one location in our immediate area for a potential Gotham Is Dogging! meet.

Particular attention should be paid to concerns regarding:

1) Access to mass transit. Since many of us don't drive in NYC, dogging in NYC cannot always rely upon the vehicles and "car parks," lover's lanes or country turn-offs that have spurred the dogging craze in the U.K. Here in NYC, we're looking to mostly establish locations that most members can access by subway or other mass transit, along with a reasonable walk/hike.

2) Security and isolation from minors and children. Gotham Is Dogging! certainly does not want in any way, shape, or form to attract undue attention or complaints stemming from exposing our activities to children, minors, and/or uninterested parties. While there may be a thrill to throwing down a blanket in the middle of the Sheep Meadow on a sunny Saturday and shagging your girl to ecstatic completion, it's pretty impractical to expect to pull that kind of scene off for very long. Gotham Is Dogging! is seeking semi-secluded, outdoor, public locations in which to stage our dogging meets. Locations should be able to comfortably accomodate 20-25 persons observing, along with ample room for 2-3 people to perform vigorously as doggers..

3) Sanitation. Gotham is Dogging! meets will always be conducted with respect for the surrounding enviornments and neighboring locales. In a nutshell, that means CLEAN UP AFTER OURSELVES! Locations should have ample receptacles for used condoms, latex gloves, dental dams, tissues, lubricants, etc., and/or we should ALL be prepared to pack out whatever we bring in for a dogging meet. It would be a good idea to ALWAYS have a disposable plastic bag with you on your person to dispose of at least your own refuse that might be generated at a Gotham Is Dogging! meet. Keep the scene clean and safe, and it will be much easier to cultivate and maintain.

4) Entry & Exit. Bear in mind that while dogging takes place in a very grey area of legalities regarding public sex (generally, as long as the activity is consensual by all parties and does not involve exposure to minors or children, we're ok), there may come a time when a dogging meet may be visited by pollice or other authorities. Let's please be sure in scouting locations for Gotham Is Dogging! meets that all locations have at least two access points that can be used for quick and safe entry and exit by voyeurs and dogging partners in case of incident.

That's about all for tonight. Please register as a member of this blog if you'd like, and/or post questions, comments, concerns as you feel the need to. Comments are open to anyone viewing this blog.

Let's do some work together, and then LET'S GET TO DOGGING!

10 Commandments of Dogging

  1. Thou shalt wear thine rubbers. Thou shalt adorn thine male organs with the finest sheaths of latex for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.
  2. Thou shalt not fornicate before innocents. Keep thine revelries from the eyes of children and unsuspecting passersby, and refrain from disturbing the peace and attracting attention.
  3. Thou shalt not block thine neighbor's view. Take care thou dost not obscure the sight of thy fellow dogger, and yield the right of way to them who arrived before you.
  4. Thou shalt look with thine eyes, not with thine hands, until invited. Layest not thine hands upon a person without their explicit verbal permission.
  5. Heed the sanctity of a woman's right to refuse. What part of "No" dost thou not understand, thou pushy bastard?
  6. Honour thy neighbor's anonymity. Thou shalt not expose, blackmail, or otherwise compromise the privacy of thine fellow doggers.
  7. Thou shalt not destroy public property nor trespass upon private property. The country parks, beauty spots, lovers' lanes and car parks of the land shall not be desecrated through vandalism or carelessness.
  8. Thou shalt covet thy neighbour's wife. Thou shalt swing and make merry with thine own mate and all other consenting parties.
  9. Thou shalt clean up after thine own self. Before thou departest, gather unto thee all of thine used condoms, torn wrappers, discarded tissues and other rubbish, and dispose of them in a bin.
  10. Thou shalt drive safely and honor the laws, both while motoring and parking. Thou shalt not engage in reckless behaviour while in a moving vehicle, and thou shall park legally and engage the parking brake when at rest.

Gotham Is Dogging! Let's Define the NYC Scene...

  • What is dogging?

  • The term dogging refers to either having or observing wanton, hardcore, exhibitionist heterosexual sex in a public or semi-public place, usually outdoors. Sometimes the voyeurs join in on the sex, usually they just watch from nearby. Such events are called dogging "meets."

    Gotham Is Dogging! is a new group of enthusiastic exhibitionists and voyeurs seeking to introduce this U.K. craze to New York City in a big way in the summer of 2006, with regular dogging meets taking place approximately once each week, in dogging locations throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.

    We're seeking to eventually add bi-sexual female dogging and MWM and WMW threesome dogging to our roster of events, once we're assured that we've built up a trustful community with dependable locations in which to hold our dogging meets.

    We've currently secured two eager couples to perform at our initial dogging meets, and we're searching for additional pairs of dogging partners who would be willing to perform once a month together. We're also scouting locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and all those interested in access to information regarding Gotham is Dogging! meets should be prepared to scout and contribute at least one location in their area to the roster of available staging areas for Gotham is Dogging! meets, regardless of your desire to watch or play.